line series 2

In my work there are no messages or hidden agendas, other then to reveal the discoveries made during my investigations. There is a seed of an idea or a bit of a plan when I begin, but I am quickly directed by the work, answering the needs, sorting the puzzles and discovering solutions through the aid of technology. As a trained 3D animator, my work is primarily developed utilizing the computer because I enjoy how technology aids me in creating my own environments. In my current work, I use food and still life as a springboard for my personal expression. It is a classical subject matter with a long history that has become somewhat of a cliché. Nonetheless, I enjoy the juxtaposition between the digital and the organic.

You can order a Giclee print of any of my renders or fine artworks on this site. Size is dependent upon the work. Please contact me for information on the piece. Giclee prints are made from a combination of professional paper and premium inks which make them a perfect piece of collectable art built to last more than a lifetime.

Single Pear
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